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What you will receive?

This low cost service will help you in several ways. Within 24 hours of your enrollment, we will place your property on many of the top real estate Internet sites. Your home will be placed in Bright MLS, which covers all of Maryland and is viewed by agents with interested buyers on a regular basis. Buyers and agents will also be able to see your home on popular home sites, such as,,,,,,,,

and an Enhanced Listing on the largest and most often searched web site,, which receives millions of hits each month.


Affiliates in 50 States

We appreciate you taking the time to visit If you are a "For Sale by Owner" from Maryland, then is the right place for you. is owned and operated by Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc., which provides a multitude of "fee-for-service" as well as "full-service" programs tailored to the unique and varying needs of each individual situation. Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. believes that home sellers should have choices beyond the traditional choice of "list or don't list?" Our " For Sale by Owner " program is one of these delightfully refreshing new choices. When you order the " For Sale by Owner " program the only thing you pay to us is a one-time $399 upfront fee, plus $250 admin fee at settlement/closing. Within 24 hours your property gets listed in the Multiple Listing Service as well as many of the top real estate sites, thus reaching thousands of potential buyers. When your home sells we are due no additional commissions!!! You've just saved thousands of dollars with one small $399 upfront fee, plus $250 admin fee at settlement/closing. Also, should you need us for further assistance at any time during the sale of your home our menu of services is also available, allowing you to pay for only what you need (Consult with licensed real estate brokers and agents). Other companies offering to list your property in the MLS do not give you the same level of exposure, nor do they offer additional services should the need arise. We are a full service brokerage capable of handling any additional needs. Click here to order the " For Sale by Owner " Program today!!!



Your listing is put in multiple home search websites!!! Plus hundreds more through syndication.



Your listing is added to top real estate Internet sites!!!




Your property is listed until it sells!!!




You will receive the For Sale by Owner Workshop kit for free!!!




You can purchase additional services on an "as needed" basis!!!

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As an added bonus, when you order the " For Sale by Owner " program you will also receive the FSBO Kit package (a $129.00 value) at no additional cost. The free FSBO Kit package includes a downloadable version of our " For Sale By Owner " Workshop kit written by Nathalie Mullinix as well as 30 days of free email consulting with trained real estate professionals. The For Sale By Owner Workshop is designed to give you the skills and tools necessary to sell your home for TOP dollar while saving thousands in the process!!! Chapters in the e-book include valuable information on pricing, marketing, financing, qualifying, contracts, negotiating, settlement, and much more!!! REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. (parent company) understands that selling you home can be a daunting task, especially selling as a for Sale by Owner. It is for that reason that we have included both the e-book as well as free email consulting when you sign up with our " For Sale by Owner " program. We know that with a full 30 days of email consulting you will gain insight as well as peace of mind knowing that trained real estate professionals are on call waiting to answer any and all of your real estate questions. All of this for just a one-time investment of $399 upfront fee, plus $250 admin fee at settlement/closing. Too good to be true? Not at all!!! Take advantage of this wonderful program today!

LOOK at our "MENU" of Services[download pdf format]

Since we are a full service brokerage you have the benefit of using our services should the need arise. This way you are not alone, yet you are not obligated to pay for full service upfront when you are able to be involved in your sale under our "for sale by owner" program. Join in with us on our tele-seminars in the comfort of your own home to learn the process of selling your home this way.

Have a buyer without an agent or attorney?
No problem- choose "contract preparation" for a small fee of $1000.00. Need to consult- choose "hourly consulting."
Need comparable sales, but do not want to bother your friend who is an agent since you will not be listing with them?
No problem- our office will send you comps for a small fee of $50.00 (there are free sites for this information... Our comps are from the MLS). We used to offer this for free... surely you can see how our admin department would be doing nothing else all day. These programs are set up to be a win/win situation for everyone. Selling your home by yourself is not difficult although it can be time consuming- yes, there are definitely items that need to be handled by the experts in the business- title work, insurances, appraisals, negotiating, etc. This way you set up a team with you yet still keep the majority of your equity for your family, investments and life!!! Issues may arise that we can advise you on quickly after years of experience to avert the problem, fix the challenge- No problem- just set up a consult or e-mail and we will focus in on the issue at hand. Negotiating and contracts are important aspects of the transaction that are best handled by the pros- we are here!!!

There are many sites today offering mls for a fee- dime a dozen, but do they offer you a complete real estate menu that allows you to customize your process, save thousands yet not be alone? Our founder is still actively involved in selling, keeping up on changes and will consult with you as well. It is like having an encyclopedia to pull from when a problem arises due to years of transactions in all aspects of real estate. If we do not have the answer we will surely know where to find it. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started and see your dreams come true!!!

Signing up with the "For Sale by Owner" program is a breeze!!!

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We've made signing up with the " For Sale by Owner " program quicker and easier than ever before!!! When you click one of the "sign-up" links found on this page you are immediately taken to our secure server for credit card processing. From there you will be asked to fill out our standard online forms describing your property as well as an agreement giving us permission to place you into the multiple listing service & Internet sites. You may cancel at anytime. Within 24 hours of completing the online forms your listing will be up and running!!! Download a copy of the agreement for your records and simply scan and email to or fax the agreement to 800-785-4024. It's that easy!!! You may also mail the agreement to:

Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc.
Chartley Office Park
19 Chartley Park Rd.
Reisterstown MD 21136

Our program allows you to post up to 150 photos of your property that will be seen on the MLS as well as on our affiliated real estate sites. You may email your photos in JPG format to or send the actual photographs to the address above. When you sign up online, you may also upload the photos yourself immediately. We prefer imagine sizes of 100k or less or 320 x 240 pixels. If you are unable to resize our staff will ensure that they reach the public looking great!!!

What's included in the $399 package?

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When you sign up with the " For Sale by Owner " program your property is listed in the Multiple Listing Service for Maryland. covers the entire state of Maryland, parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and surrounding states. The Multiple Listing Service is a must when you need to sell your home quickly and effectively for the highest and best price possible. If your property is in Ocean City, Maryland or surrounding areas, your property will go into as well as
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In addition to the MLS, your property is placed on multiple Internet sites thus able to grab even more potential buyers!!! Having your property listing on the Internet allows people from all over the world to view your home. Whether they are looking for a vacation home or possibly relocating to the state, you want your listing within their grasp. By signing up with the " For Sale by Owner " program you automatically get listed on all of these sites without having to fill out extra forms or pay subscription fees! By being in the MLS you can now also take advantage of, an amazing advertising resource available only to properties listed in the MLS. As a bonus, you will receive an enhanced listing on which includes additional text, photos, home page placement, and more!!! The real estate sites your property will be listed on are: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

See how your listing will look by clicking the various links below.




Learn about REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc.

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REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. bridges the gap between buyers and sellers. Their vast network of real estate agents combined with their referral programs allows real estate to be handled on a much more global level than ever before. Our National and International network of agents and brokers are committed to working with the client on an individual basis to create a customized plan to serve each client's unique objectives. The menu programs allow sellers to customize their listings to fit their unique real estate needs. The "Buyer Rebate" program allows buyers to customize the process and receive rebates to be used towards purchase. REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. also offers tele-seminars and products for buyers and sellers, as well as for the real estate professional. REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. is "dedicated to universal excellence" both in real estate and in life!!! We firmly believe in abiding by certain spiritual and life principles. REALTY UNIVERSAL® will adhere to these concepts without hesitation or reservation. REALTY UNIVERSAL® donates a minimum of 10% of its profits to charities.

REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. was founded by Nathalie Mullinix. Nathalie Mullinix averages $80 million a year in listings and sales. Licensed since 1985, she sold more than $12 million a year by her third year in business, started Nathalie Mullinix Realty, Inc. (a conventional real estate company) in 1990 and Nathalie Mullinix Referral Company, Inc. in 1991 in Maryland. In 1996 she opened Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. and REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. in Maryland. In 2001, Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal®, Inc. opened in Hawaii. REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. offers services to agents/brokers worldwide including, but not limited to, consulting, training, tele-seminars, coaching, referrals and more!!! For information on this concept, call (866) 808-MENU. " With the world becoming smaller via the Internet and modern technologies, it is imperative to plan well into the future. Customer and client needs will change drastically, and we expect to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible." (Nathalie Mullinix 1996) In addition to hands-on sales Nathalie was involved in developing projects, investing, building and managing two real estate offices. She personally sold over "2000 clients homes in 17 years". In 1993-1994 Nathalie and her agents within the company in Maryland met many sellers who could not afford to use an agent even if they wanted to. Prices had declined somewhat- She thought " we do not want to become a discount brokerage, yet should be able to help these people." Nathalie created a "real estate menu." The menu has now become a way of the future. Nathalie Mullinix resides in Hawaii and Maryland and is an accomplished speaker, writer, consultant, trainer, mother.

Nathalie Mullinix (CEO)
Frequently Asked Questions
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Below is a list of questions frequently asked by individuals inquiring about the " For Sale by Owner " Program. We want to be able to answer any question you may have regarding either the program or REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. If you read through our list of frequently asked questions and still do not have an answer to your question please feel free to give us a toll-free call at 866-808-6368 or email and our staff will be happy to answer your question.
Question: What if I start off with the "For Sale by Owner" program and later want to switch to a different program?

Answer: We work with agents and brokerages that handles full service listings as well as fee for service. Switching programs is easily handled. If you later switch to a full service programs we refund your original $399.00 at closing by reducing the commission by $399.00.

Question: What if I am doing the "For Sale by Owner" program and occasionally have questions?

Answer: You may e-mail us questions and have them answered at no charge. Send e-mail to You will also be able to contact the agent or brokerage handling your listing in your local area.

Question: What if I want to handle all of my own showings but would like a trained professional to handle the contracts and closing?

Answer: There are several options available, but you would most likely want to sign up with a 1% program (1% of sales price- $2500.00 minimum). If you only need the contracts written there would be a fee of $399 upfront fee, plus $250 admin fee at settlement/closing.

Question: What is a Transaction Coordinator?

Answer: A transaction coordinator is responsible for maintaining the escrow closing process and completing all tasks assigned during the normal transaction process of the Broker and/or Agent. Our Transaction Coordinator provides you with a timeline keeping track of all dates, ordering inspections, from contract to close. We are not representing either party but making sure that no dates are missed. Communicates with all parties including escrow, lender, and agents.

Question: What is included in the one percent program?

Answer: This includes preparing contracts, arranging inspections, appraisal issues, negotiations, handling all details from contract to closing-commission paid at closing.

Question: Once I sign up with the "For Sale by Owner" program, how long before my listing will show on the Internet?

Answer: Your listing will be processed and shown on the MLS & the Internet sites within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Question: Does my telephone number show in the multiple listing service?

Answer: Yes. Your information is placed in the private remarks of the listing. This means that agents are able to call you directly to schedule appointments. Your information is not put in the public remarks section because the mls rules and regulations require parties to be licensed agents and brokers. Your contact information is also listed on & with your mls numbers for easy access. When the agent's or brokerage's company information is listed, parties call our number or e-mail our office and your contact information is given immediately.

Question: If someone calls your office, how would I know that you are not taking my lead?

Answer: If a prospective buyer calls the office inquiring about your home, their information is taken and they are given all your contact information. We encourage you to spot-check randomly to ensure you that this is being done.

Question: How long is my property listed for?

Answer: Until it sells.

Question: I am a seller going over the agreement giving you permission to list my property in the MLS. I do not understand the last paragraph that says to check off yes or no in regards to you advertising my property.

Answer: Brokerages run additional advertising on full listings and also runs spot ads on properties. If you check yes, you are giving permission to advertise your property alongside full listings at no additional cost to you. This is in addition to all of the exposure you are already receiving with the "for sale by owner program". If we bring a buyer from this additional advertising, your only cost is what you are offering to agents/brokers as a coop/courtesy fee. There are no additional monies due.

Question: What if I allow you to run additional spot ads at no cost to me and the buyer already has an agent?

Answer: No additional compensation or commission is received.

Question: If I check off yes to your company advertising my property and you produce a buyer from that advertising, does this mean I have to pay 6%?

Answer: No, only whatever percentage you are offering other brokers. 3% or whatever amount you decide up front.

Question: How do we sign up with the program?

Answer: Simply click here and follow the links provided. Once you purchase the "For Sale by Owner" program you will be able to download the required forms as well as an instruction sheet.

Question: What if I don't want to sign-up online?

Answer: You may e-mail us at or call 866-808-6368(MENU). A representative will immediately contact you. You may pay by phone or fax to 800-785-4024. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover. We will then immediately fax, e-mail, or mail you all required forms. We also accept checks if you prefer. (mail to: Chartley Office Park 19 Chartley Park Rd., Reisterstown MD 21136)

Question: Do you offer signs?

Yes. Under our 1% percent program up to Full Service there is no additional cost for signs. Under our $399 “For Sale By Owner” program there is a $100 fee per sign, of which you receive a $50 credit upon return.

Question: How many photos can I post?

Answer: Up to 150 photos. If you only have a couple and want to add more later that is fine.

Question: What if I want to make changes to the listing after it is inputted into the mls and all web sites?

Answer: You may make changes at any time. It is asked that you e-mail, fax or mail the changes so to have them in writing to avoid any discrepancies. Changes are made within 48 hours of receipt.

Question: What if I want to list a property in another state? Can you handle it for me?

Answer: Our brokerage, Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. can assist you in Maryland and Hawaii as far as any representation or mls input. As far as the other 48 states we have affiliates that are members of REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. which can assist you and offer you the same programs. These affiliates are licensed through the real estate commission in their respective state under either their own brokerage or a company brokerage.

Question: What if I only need hourly service on an as needed basis?

Answer: Our "MENU" programs are customized for you individually giving you the flexibility to design your own program. Our consultants will gladly walk you through the program- and if you only need us occasionally- that is fine!!!


Question: Hi, I was reading the faq section and there is a question about what commission I would owe if your firm
finds me a buyer. The answer is 3% or whatever I would negotiate with another buyer's broker.

Is it customary for the seller to pay a commission to the buyer's broker if they are selling the
property themselves? Doesn't this sort of defeat the purpose of doing for sale by owner? Thanks.
- Joanne -


Answer: Aloha Joanne,

That is a great question!!! If you sell your property yourself, you do not owe any more money. We recommend that you offer other agents/brokers 3%, but the amount is up to you. We cannot put -0- in the mls. You will be receiving all of the leads which we would normally receive under a full service listing. This gives you a 90% chance of selling your property yourself. We offer to run spot ads at no additional cost to you outside of the "for sale by owner" program. This is where we would receive a commission if we bring a buyer. (you can opt to have us do this or not) Since we run ads for our full service listings we offer to run spot ads. The market has changed drastically- exposure is key- so when you use our "for sale by owner" program you receive maximum exposure, many leads from buyers who are not working with an agent as well as agent exposure- while saving on the listing side. Plus we are here if you need us on an "as needed basis." Pricing is key in this market- this program gives you the flexibility to lower your price and end up with a better bottom line figure if you have the time to handle the showings, etc. The cost of $399 upfront fee, plus $250 admin fee at settlement/closing. is so small compared to the exposure and print advertising which is not working well these days, not to mention isn't cheap. Have a wonderful week!!!

Nathalie Mullinix Nathalie
Mullinix Realty Universal®, Inc.

Question: My question is not listed here?

Answer: Please e-mail or call us and we will answer your question immediately.

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Below are a few words people had to say about REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc. after using the program.

You will never meet a more devoted person to finding positive solutions to any real estate deal in a timely, professional manner than Nathalie Mullinix. Nathalie helped my husband and I find our first home and has gone out of her way to stay connected and be helpful in every way over the years. She takes her business and your satisfaction more seriously than anyone I know. She has the kindness and integrity we all look for in any business professional.

Nathalie is a universal leap above the others. I will never go anywhere else for my real estate needs!

Kristin Quinn

Nathalie's FSBO program is the perfect bridge between a full-on real estate listing service and a do-it-yourself buy owner quagmire. She gives you the connection to the MLS and the agents with buyers in tow, all at a great price. It isn't just a listing, it is a complete package including lots of great advice. Her services were a vital part of my own FSBO home sale. I'd do it again the same way.

The "Menu" programs are exactly what the future needs in real estate. I can search the Internet for many answers yet still need a real estate agent for multiple listing service and if problems come up. REALTY UNIVERSAL has all of this- wish I would have known about this program years ago-

C. Bates

"If there was one person on earth who knows how to close a real estate deal it's Nathalie Mullinix. I've been investing for over 20 years and I've never seen anyone better."

Tom Antion

Tom is the author of the best selling presentation skills book Wake 'em Up Business Presentations. And Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing.
Maryland/Virginia Beach

Being a licensed real estate agent myself, even though I am in the timeshare sales business with Hilton, I found Nathalie's For Sale By Owner program very useful and cost-efficient when I sold my townhouse a few months ago. Their expertise in handling the paperwork that is necessary in the sales process was smooth & efficient. Their FSBO program was all I needed to get the job done.

Jonathan O'Neill
Director of Sales

I would like you to know how much I appreciate the professionalism and service that you provided to me. During the past 3 months your help in selling my 2 houses has been great. Your FSBO program was so successful that I was able to get a Buyer through the MLS listing who paid more than my asking price!

On my second property, I had already found a Buyer. Having you prepare and walk us through the signing of the contract worked out great! Having a professional Realtor involved relieved a lot of the concerns that both parties would have had if we tried to do it ourselves. It also eliminated the need to negotiate many of the details because you were able to explain the customary practices in a way that was unbiased, objective and acceptable to both parties. Your fee of $399 upfront fee, plus $250 admin fee at settlement/closing. was a bargain for making the transaction flow so smoothly.

Your flat rate fee structure is the perfect answer to my needs. It allows me to retain control of the transaction while saving me thousands of dollars and providing me the services that I need. I have already recommended you to my associates and look forward to working with you again in the near future.


Steven L. (Hawaii)

"Nathalie Mullinix is an undisputed leader in real estate marketing and training. In this seminar Nathalie teaches you the secrets to turn leads into your listings! I know, she taught me how to get over a million dollars in listings in my second month working with her back in the early 90's! Remember...those who list, last!!”

Bob Wisner
President, Bennett Robert Wisner Sr., Inc.

Thanks for your help. In the past I have always sold my homes by "for sale by owner", when I put my Honolulu home up for sale I listed it in the paper daily for three weeks and received some phone calls. I then switched to open houses on Sundays, over the next three weeks I had a lot of people, but just lookers.

After six weeks I was feeling a little discouraged and while talking to a realtor friend, he told me that 90% of homes sales are made by other realtors, not your own listing realtor. With this enlightening information I decided to try something new. I then contacted your office and arranged to have my home listed in the realtors multiple listings, you then scheduled my house for a "brokers open house" the following week. On Thursday, seven brokers came to the open-house, two of them said that they had people that would be interested in my home, that same day I sold my home for the price that I wanted.

What can I say, but thank you. I am now a firm believer in your services and have told all my friends how fast and easy it was to sell my home.

Sincerely yours,

Douglas & Merrianne Bieler

We were extremely happy with your services. Your help was exactly what we needed to sell our place in Honolulu successfully and we would work with you again anytime. Also, your advice on the phone was always very professional, friendly and honest. We also appreciate it, that we saved a lot of money by having you list us in the MLS and giving us the possibility to reach many more buyers and still being able to sell the apartment ourselves and still having the security of your realtor-knowledge in the background. That was truly the perfect solution for us!

Thank you very much and we wish you good luck with your business for the future!

Aloha from far away,

Susanne Wildi & Carsten Fabich

We recommend Nathalie Mullinix's real estate service to anyone buying or selling property in Hawaii. She provided us with tailored service to exactly meet our needs in selling our Foster Village home. Our house was on the market for over one year, listed with another broker and agency, but did not sell at our asking price. Less than one week after listing with Nathalie, we had several solid offers and subsequently sold the house at our desired price. We would not hesitate to work with her in the future and recommend her to anyone in need of real estate advice.

Ed and Larenda Duley

Today, the real estate industry is implementing more changes, and transactions are becoming more complicated than ever before, resulting in an increased demand for high quality customer service, support, and representation. With this new demand, experienced real estate professionals who are knowledgeable in all facets of the industry are needed, along with alternate options to meet the customer's specific needs.

In answering this challenge, Nathalie Mullinix, a seasoned professional with over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry has introduced an entirely new approach to customer service in the form of real estate menu options. Each approach real estate menu option is designed to meet a specific need and budget.

I was very impressed with the high quality of service that Nathalie provided throughout the our real estate transaction and the range of options that were available to choose from. I continue to recommend her services to friends and associates, who have in turn, been quite pleased. A visit to Nathalie's web site is something that I highly recommend.


Stephen J, & Angela M. Ervin



I have known Nathalie since the late 80s and in that time she has handled four of my real estate transactions. Nathalie is extremely conscientious regarding all aspects of the transaction, whether buying or selling. She has a true knack for understanding the buyers requirements and needs for their new home, and perseveres when selling the current home. Nathalie is not only my agent of choice, but also became a true friend over the years. When I'm ready to sell and buy again, Nathalie will be notified to handle both transactions..AGAIN

Take care and be well.

Scott Berger,
Baltimore, Maryland


Nathalie Mullinix Realty is a firm recommended to me by legal and personal associates.When I decided to sell my home, a 40 acre residence in Northern Maryland, I wished a company I could trust and put the home up for sale with Nathalie Mullinix.

The experience was one of mixed emotion because of personal reasons, but one which was efficiently and effectively transferred by a company with an excellent reputation. Not only is Nathalie an experienced realtor but has become a long term friend and associate.


Patricia Bannon
Isle of Kent, Maryland


I met Nathalie in a class she was teaching at the Board of Realtors and knew I had to find a way to work with her and learn from her. A few months later, I came on board as an agent and have been thrilled to be a part of her team! Nathalie is so innovative and brings incredible experience to the table! I was looking for a mentor and knew I had found that person in Nathalie. It's so important to know someone not only has the knowledge and experience to pass along, but has a positive, caring attitude. I discovered quickly that business can grow for any of us if we know how to create that growth and have seen for myself the amazing difference being on Nathalie's team makes! I have learned and continue to learn so much from Nathalie and greatly appreciate the opportunity, not only in the Real Estate business but in life!

Much Aloha!

Cryshtal Avera (RA) ABR, GRI
Nathalie Mullinix REALTY UNIVERSAL®, Inc


My husband and I sold our home in 4 days with REALTY UNIVERSAL's Menu. It was much better than the other For Sale By Owner methods because we negotiated the buyer's agent's commission. We saved over 20k in commission pay out. We will, without a doubt, being using REALTY UNIVERSAL in the future.

Thanks Nathalie and team!

Mr. & Mrs. Whitehouse


I met Nathalie in the early 80's when she began working with mea t Long & Foster realtors. From the very beginning, I noticed that she was special. She seemed to know instantly how to make her clients lover her. Most importantly, she took control of difficult situations and resolved them with a competence that demanded respect. As her manager and friend, I never doubted her future would be very successful.

Philip Goldsmith


Nathalie's FSBO program is the perfect bridge between a full-on real estate listing service and a do-it-yourself buy owner quagmire. She gives you the connection to the MLS and the agents with buyers in tow, all at a great price. It isn't just a listing, it is a complete package including lots of great advice. Her services were a vital part of my own FSBO home sale. I'd do it again the same way.

"For Sale by Owner Workshop Kit"

This book, by real estate leader, Nathalie Mullinix, is outstanding for anyone wanting to sell their own home. Detailed, clear, orderly and easy to put into action. I don't know how any workbook could be any better. It exudes enthusiasm and gives the user confidence. Nathalie handled my purchase of three properties and the sale of two under her full service program.

Chuck Mills, CEO
Interactive Leadership Concepts
Kailua, Hawaii

August 20th, 2002

To whom it may concern,

We called Nathalie Mullinix Realty Universal to sell our home. Nathalie had moved to Hawaii so we had not called her company first. At this point we were getting behind on our mortgage and were listed with another national company who seemed to be doing nothing at all for us. They never even contacted us, we always had to call them. So one day I decided to call Nathalie. She had sold my mother's home for me so I gave it a try. Even being in Hawaii Nathalie called me all the time to keep me posted on what was happening with the house.

At this point we were facing foreclosure. But she kept our hopes up and even contacted the two mortgage companies for me. She went back and forth with them until she got them to except a short sale and with that we got a buyer for the house. She went out of her way for us and she really did not have to. But she talked with the mortgage companies and buyer right up to the last minute to make sure everything was taken care of. If not for her, we would have probably lost everything. I can't say enough to thank her for all she did. All I know is I don't know what I'd have done without her. She goes that extra mile and really cares about people. Even as far away as she is, she still handles things like she's right here. I'd recommend her to anyone anywhere. She proved to me she doesn't have to be in the same state to sell your home. No one could ask for a better real estate company. She takes care of you personally and thats really hard to find these days!


Debbie R.

To whom it may concern,

I have known and worked with Nathalie Mullinix since 1992. In that time I feel like I have gotten to know her pretty well. She is one of the most knowledgeable, and capable business woman I have ever met. She has a great deal of integrity and is one of the most trustworthy I know. I would not hesitate to put any and all of my business in her capable hands. Nathalie Mullinix will be an asset to any company.


Bobbie Bell

Rush Davis - Membership- Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors

To whom it may concern,

Nathalie Mullinix was a great asset to the Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS. Nathalie instructed the New Member Orientation and Education classes in a very professional manner. The Board lost a great member when Nathalie moved to Hawaii.Nathalie in my opinion would be a great candidate to teach any real estate course.


Russ Davis,
Director of Membership



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